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After new TC

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Yes becareful what you wish for. I had a shift kit put in , then a TC. It shift so hard now going into high and lockup I hate it. I get turbo bark unless I am very carefull to take my foot off the throttle as it hits 80km. And then it often shift to hard. If I want it shift nice I have to try and let it shift with less then 10lbs of boost. With the shift kit and stock tc I hardly felt any difference, it was cetainly tighter going into high but nothing like this.

Anyone with tc and tranny mods experience this type of stuff.
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What TC? did you get a VB also?
I keep forgetting to ask who made the tc. it is a company in Edmonton AB. its a tripple disk I believe. billet. The valve body was done by the tranny shop that installed the tc. I had a shift kit put in first on the stock tc. Then about a month later told them to put the tc in. this is when things went down hill. I mean the thing hooks up like crazy, just maybe should not have had the valve body work done. or else they don't know how to do a valve body properly. It worked fine with a tired old tc.
Sounds like it's time to have a full custom VB installed or have them rework your current one. Mine shifts so smooth you almost can't feel it.
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