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i have a 94 that i took the plate out replaced the cup washer with a flat one, ground an 1/8 in off the foot and smoke screw half way out and adjusted for full fuel at 20 psi. i need some opinions on this work? i only have intake and exhaust no turbo or inj. it really opened this truck up bein a 5spd with 4.10s:thumbsup: my real ? is can i adj for full fuel even lower psi w/o drownin my turbo out since its stock inj. and fuel screw all the way out? or binding the spring in the afc? i also need 4k springs cheapest place to get em? and yes i just wont float my valves by overrevving past 3200? cuz i dont plan on 60 lb valve springs quite yet. I appreciate any expert advice!!!!! o i almost forgot which way can you slide the hole afc housing and what does that gain cuz i notched it so it was the same the first time.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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