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Started my newest project, the AEV switch pod.

Things I've noticed so far.

1) Removing the radio trim is an absolute PITA and likely you'll lose or break at least one of the plastic clips, so be prepared.

2) You CANNOT remove the upper tray from the trim as the instructions say you can. You will likely break the trim. In my experience, take the WHOLE trim off and remove the upper tray by pressing the tabs inward from the underside.

3) The switch plate installation to the pod uses very very small screws. My pod arrived with many of the screw bosses split and defective from the factory. I'm guessing I received a first run pod and hopefully AEV has fixed this issue. The mention here is to be sure to only hand tighten these screws. They will strip very easily.

Something else I forgot to mention. The two screw installation of this pod, along with with high center of gravity and weight of the installed switches will make this pod rock back and forth violently on rough roads. AEV either doesn't care or didn't experience this cavitation of the pod. The fix here is to head to your local home improvement store and pick up some 1/4" by 1/4" weather stripping (I used the brown version) and run this around the perimeter of the base about 1/4" from the outside the edge.

Additionally, if you decide to use the carling series V switches as I have below, the are a very very TIGHT fit. You can file/trim to make them more smooth, or you can just deal with it.

When wiring your switches, you need to keep the wires tight and short in the middle. AEV did not provide much room for these. If you do not keep these wires confined, you will have trouble installing the pod to the base.

ETA: More images
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