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I know it's not quite in the right catagory, but it's kind of related to MPG.

I was reading that at hwy speeds up to 60% of the vehicles power is used to overcome the coefficient drag. (our trucks have a rating of .44) So I was trying to think up ways to make the truck more aerodynamic and reduce that drag, therefor improving MPG.

Sofar, I've made a 44" x 4" airdam that is mounted to thet U shaped bar on the front end and will deflect the wind away from all the undercarriage. I also made two plexiglass inserts that cover up the two top grill openings so ledd air is getting caught in the grill and more can flow over.

I haven't had a chance to test these for any benefit yet. As soon as I make a good hwy trip I'll post the mileage results.

Anyone else have any ideas for aerodynamic improvements?
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