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Advantages of 3rd Gen wheels vs my 01 oem steels

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Are there any advantages of 3rd gen ( forged alum oem i supose ) vs my 01 steels w/ trim rings ?

Are the 3rd gen size tires any cheaper ?
Are they lighter ?
Any others I haven't thought of ?

Ps. I probl do not plan to upgrade the front brakes .

Thanks for any input , 24hrsparkey
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You could check for specs on the wheel rebuilder sites. HubCapHaven is one place with specs.

IF larger, 2010 tie rods wouldn't have to be trimmed to fit.
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They look better
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Will do thank you.
I have already redone the whole steering sha bang with the 98 hd moog set up .
I'd reconsider the brake upgrade. It's a night and day difference.
3rd gen wheels are 17"s with better offset so you have more tire options.
I have been using 3rd and 4th gen for years on 99. Alloy balance better. 17's are about the same price but easier to find as take-offs and maybe new too. Some hubcaps will not interchange(especially 4th gen.) so keep them all. Another point, I do not know what year it changed but the 4th gen lug nuts will not fit older studs because they are metric where the old ones were not.
yup I'd reconsider the 3 rd gen brake mod as well, especially if you have converted to 17 inch rims, much easier to find 17 inch rubber

when the 2nd gen brakes go, it costs the same for the 3rd gen stuff, huge improvement in panic stops! so for me a no brainer
gonna get started on a rant!

anyone who says their brakes are fine on a second gen is lying! get that 8000lb monster to 60 mph and try to get to a dead stop, you wont! brakes will be fading and unlikey you will come to a stop with any brakes by the time you get to 5mph. after 3rd gen swap I did a brake test dead stop from 80mph (no traffic on a secondary road), I hauled it to a dead stop and still had brakes, you could smell them but I had no fade and could still stop!,
Second gen brakes are just fine under normal braking, yup they are, but not when there is a panic stop required
Rant off!
They look better
Ditto! :agree2::agree2:
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