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adjusting valves question

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Going to use Mopar Man 1973's tutorial for setting up the valves in my truck.

Couple questions. How cold does the motor have to be to do this? Like sit overnight cold or what?

Will this procedure work on a 1991 12 valve as well? How do you check tdc and bdc on the 12 valves?
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Motor sholud be cold...Not sure on the 12er valves though.
Sorry, should have read first time. The motor should be below 120*...In other words you can move it into the garage or under shelter, but don't take it to a buddy's house 2-3 miles to do the job...
Should be cold... According the FSM it should be below 140*F worth of coolant temp...

On the 12V is a bit different... I've done this too... Here is a write up for that...

B Series Valve Adjustment
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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