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Why do you keep them blown up to 60psi? I only set mine at 35-40 when I hook my 5th wheel to mine. I thought about the math one day. If they are rated at 100psi max, and at max load they can support an additional 5,000lbs of weight. Then for every psi of air that is in the bags it puts an additional 50lbs of support to the rear springs. So at the minimum of 5psi in the bags you have 250lbs of extra support. So for 2000lbs in the bed you should only have to be at a maximum of 40psi in the bags to completely offset the weight that is in the bed. Anything more than that you are relying on your tires as much or more than your springs to absorb the bumps in the road.

I would try to just drop the pressure in the bags to around 30 or 35 and see if that puts you back on the softer side of the ride.

I have a 3500 and some days I have thought about taking y overload springs out of the rear since I have the airbags but then I realize how much I tow my 5th wheel and I keep them in.

Hope this helps. I have about 4500lbs of pin weight with my camper on and I set the bags between 35 and 40 unloaded. I don't know the pressure when it is loaded but if I feel it is still rough I will let some back out so that the suspension can work again instead of being on the hard airbags the whole time.

The only real difference in the 2500 and the 3500 is another set of overload springs. If you keep the bags aired up then you won't ever touch those springs so it probably won't make a difference. It makes the most difference with loads when you don't have airbags.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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