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ad 150 wierd fuel pressure

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ok i bought the truck and it had 143 thousand on it it now has 155 on it. the vp and lp has been replaced before i got it the lp is a ad150 and the vp is a bosh. i had autometer nv gauges installed right before christmass last year . the truck has allways burried the gauge at 15psi even at wot. about a week ago i started the truck and noticed the fp gauges was jumping from 13 to 14 psi just sitting there. as i drove the truck it would drop up and down and at wot in 4th gear it was reading allmost 11psi. i just replaced both ad filters and also the factory filter on the block and it is still doing the same. i drove the truck today for about 20 miles and the fp gauge was burried like it used to be. then this afternoon i took off and iit was back down again. is ad going south on me. i have check for leaks and cant find any truck is all stock except for a straight pipe. it hasnt lost any power and doesnt smoke any diffrent. any body have ideas thanks a lot
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nobody has any ideas
thanks for the replies

yes it has the stock lines from the factory filter to the ip

i traced the wires down and the pressure reading is comming from the ad150 there is some kind of sensor on top of the pump right above the filter it looks like this
Auto Meter

i unpluged it today after driving about 150 miles and it burried the gauge after i pluged in back in witch it hadnt done all day

the ad doesnt sound weak so i dont know im going to order a new sender for it and see what that does

do you think it would be better to bypass the factory filter
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