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AC Killing power for a second

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im not sure if this is the right section or not.
I have a 2007, 5.9, 6-speed.

When i get in my truck (usually only drive it 3-5 times a week) and its been sitting for a couple days, and take off down the road and reach down and turn on the AC it jerks and shutters like i hit the brakes for just a split second. Got any ideas?
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i just had a similar thing happen on my 01

what initially happened was the compressor would engage and disengage repeatedly which resulted in a click and the engine would bog down...then another click...and the engine would return to normal. It got worse to the point of it jerking so we took it in to the AC guy who hooked up his scanner and there were only .5lbs of freon in the system instead of the 1.86 lbs that should be there

it turned out it was the evaporator core and explained that chryslers evaporator core will literally eat itself from the inside out(causing a leak)...700 hundred bucks later the exact problem you are describing was fixed
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