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AC clutch issues in the 4th Gen trucks?

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I have seen those threads involving the air conditioner compressor clutches breaking their bolts and running away, never to be found again. But, all of those posts seem to involve the trucks made BEFORE 2009, plus (it seems, anyways) that the replacement parts are only for trucks made before 2009 and after 2006 (I think!). Now, my question is: Do the 4th gen trucks have this same issue? If so, how common is it, and should I worry about it happening to me?
I always love to brag to my Ford buddies about how Ram has the coldest AC, but will hate it if I have to eat my own chit after my AC clutch disappears!
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Hahaha, well, judging by the lack of responses, I guess this issue doesn't exist on these 4th gens, or the issue all together is so rare that it is not something to be worried about!

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