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AC Bypass Solution!!!!

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Come one come all ladies and gentlemen!! I have found a solution to your ac bypass worries! If your like me and live in mild climate, don't drive your truck everyday ,and found that you don't really need your AC OR your ac compressor has gone out and you don't have the money to replace don't mess with the "so called" non ac belt via it doesn't correctly no matter which way you route it. Dorman sells a bypass pulley for 1994-2002 models, HOWEVER it will work for the common rail motors with no issues. I installed on mine and have ran it for a week and have no issues of any kind. :party018: So if you are having as much troubles with this as I did, this is a simple and cheap solution. Hopefully this will help someone out there!!
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You were never able to undo the one 15mm bolt on the belt tensioner, move it over to the other bolt hole, and install the non-A/C belt?

I did mine when my compressor went out in 15 minutes and it's still working fine to this day :confused013:
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