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ABS Module Constantly Running

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If I unplug my ABS module can I still drive the truck? Also, I heard there is a possibility that the ABS module has been recalled on the 04 model trucks. Does anyone know where I can find that information?
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You can drive it with the ABS unplugged. It'll likely throw a code, and of course the ABS won't work. For recall info, call your local dealer with your VIN, they'll be able to tell you if there are any recalls or TSB's for your truck. HTH
Thank you, I just pulled the ABS Pump fuse. If I unhook the module my speedometer and odometer don't work, but if I pull the large fuse they do.
On mine, the relay in the control box is stuck. I unplugged it at the ABS control box. It makes the ABS and brake dummy come on, and will toss two brake codes, but the brakes work fine, and all my gauges were otherwise unaffected. Of course mine is a gen 2, so it might be a little different on yours.
isnt that a good thing if the odometer stops counting ....
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