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I've tried searching for an answer to this and having gotten anything much---apologies if this issue has already been run into the ground.

I recently had some front end work done--u-joints both front wheels, u-joint on front drive shaft where connects to front X, and new shocks.

Got it back and found my brakes were acting WEIRD! Feels like that hard grindy-pulse of ABS activating. Seems to happen randomly on dry pavement---seems to go away when I slow to 30mph or less. I'll drive around just fine for several days and then surprise it all of the sudden does it...and it may keep doing it for a couple days and then magically stop?

This truck has 4 wheel ABS---

it's a stock truck, daily driver

Replaced both front calipers and pads---rear drums and pads appear fine ---but didn't fix the problem

I need to do some more front end work---stabilizer bar and dampener---probably working on needing a new driver side ball joint. Worried that there could be something loose/damaged in front end that is causing this brake malfunction or disrupting the operation of sensor and tone ring????

Years ago a dealer stripped the axle bolts on a Jeep I had....caused weird random brake trouble. So-- I'm kind of paranoid---trying to get some info in my head before I take it in so they don't take me on a wild goose chase?

Advice appreciated!
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