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while driving today (on my way home from the shop for an alignment), i was looking at my gauge cluster and watched my ABS light turn on for a second or two, then it went off for about 10 seconds, then turned back on for 5-10 seconds, then back off, and it did this about 4 or 5 times until it just stayed on. i arrived home about 5 minutes after this and went to the diagnostics pack on my edge CS juice w/ attitude and found 2 trouble codes:

"P1693 Fault in Companion Module"
"P1687 No Cluster Bus Messages"

so i cleared them both right then and there, then took my keys out and the programmer off, then started the truck to see if they come back. the LIGHT came back on almost immediately after starting the truck so i went to the diagnostics on the programmer again and it keeps telling me that there's no trouble codes present, but my light is staying ON.

one more thing that i should add is that when i bought the truck a few weeks ago the speedometer & odometer didn't work & my abs light was on & it was telling me the same code "fault in companion module", so i replaced the rear diff speed sensor and that fixed my speedometer, odometer, & got rid of the abs light & companion module code.

so i'm pretty confused at this point because my speedo & odometer are working fine, and the truck doesn't seem to be acting any different. so the only REAL (noticeable) problem is that the ABS light is on.

does anybody have any input on this? or have any of you had any similar issues?
also if somebody would be kind enough to explain what these codes mean?

any helpful replies are greatly appreciated, thanks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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