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Wild Diesel is a family owned and operated shop/online store in West Haven, Utah. Owner/operator Ken Jones has been in the diesel repair business since 1994. Although Ken Jones does operate Wild Diesel, he is also known for his pulling trucks, a 1942 Dodge Power-Wagon called "Wild Diesel" and, his new 2010 Ram called "2 Wild Diesel". Both trucks have been featured in "Diesel Power Magazine" as well as "Truck Trend" and many others.

For the 2014 pulling season we added Trevor Larkin and Bob Millican into the Wild Diesel Pulling team. They pulled in the 3.0 class and did very well. We have many pull trucks throughout the US that we have helped build and support. Currently we are working on a few others to be ready for next spring.

Let us help you get the best performance out of your daily driver or build that weekend performer.

We specialize in custom race motors and custom machining.
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