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about to get the delete

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ok so im gonna order my kit in about a week im getting just the elete pipe and box on the waiver it says that you may have a filter full warning if i get this will it go into limp mode or is it just a glitch.......... and does anyone know if the 03 downpipes are the same as the 04 n 05 cause a friend has one sitting around if so i won't have to gut my original
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It will not go into limp but it will inject fuel attempting an active regen to clear the filter and this will cause white smoke to roll out while are idling etc.
ok i think i can deal with that ..... but hopefully soon after i can get the edge so i can stop the codes ....... cant afford all at once unfortunatly
I would get the edge first then.
The PMT will not clear the

P1451-diesel Particulate Filter System Performance


P2463-diesel Particulate Filter - Soot Accumulation

that I have and from reading here you need a dealer with Starscan to do it. I would think the Edge is the same. Tool will say cleared but they are still there when you go back in and on the overhead.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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