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?? about Mods, Help me out!!

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I have a 06 Mega Cab 4x4 2500. Mods now are AFE StageII intake w/ ProGuard Filter and 5" FBD Exhaust w/ 6" tip, also silencer ring removed. Ok, Question is, I want to start doing more mods, but I am on a limited budget due to recently buying a house. I want to get the DiabloSport Predator next. Only prob is I don't have gauges yet. Would this be a problem. I don't want to mess up my truck. I drive my truck very easy, trying to get good mpg. I do on occasion pull a 24x8.5 enclosed trailer with a camaro inside, but still drive very easy when doing so. Would I be fine without gauges for a while or not. Thanks for you help!!

Future plans after Predator, gauges, exhaust manifold, intake manifold, Deep Trans Pan, DiabloSport Puck.
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yea it will be fine without gauges for a while
The Predator is good, if you kept it on the first level you will be fine without gauges. It can get a little hot on the higher settings, thats where you want the gauges. If you want to spend a little more, go for the Smarty. Better power, lower EGT's, better customer service, better MPG, more updates and downloads and they are all free. I've used both, Smarty wins hands down.
I plan on towing on the tow setting of course, would it be ok running around with out the trailer with the programmer on a higher setting driving easy, I was told you get better mpg driving easy on a higher program.
Smarty is where its at Diablo good too but smarty is very sweet.. a good set of 3 gauges and pod are no more than 450 bucks ask the guys on here I got a good deal.. its more comforting to have the gauges.. especially for the occasional get up and go!!
i run the diablosport stack. any setting other than tow and you can get the egts will get scorching. in the performance/economy tune running 70mph on the interstate i got 188 per 1/4 tank.
Why don't you just get the Edge Juice with Attitude? It comes with gauges.
Or Smarty Jr...cheaper then the Smarty and will prevent you from "turning it up". Since you have a limited budget you won't want to go dumping $5k into a tranny :w:

Future plans after Predator, gauges, exhaust manifold, intake manifold, Deep Trans Pan, DiabloSport Puck.
Gauges..yes. Exhaust manifold and intake There are better places to spend that money. Power Puck....I've heard DOESN'T stack well with their programmer..:w:..not to mention, if you don't have a tranny to hold that power.
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