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2WD - Two Wheel Drive

4WD - Four Wheel Drive

ABS - Anti-lock Brake System: Modulates braking pressure to control wheel lockup

ACM - Airbag Controller Module: monitors sensors and deploys airbag(s) in the event of an accident

AD - AirDog: Brand of electric fuel lift pumps.

AFC - Air Fuel Control: used on 94 - 98 diesels to control fuel rate at low boost

AFCL - AFC Live: An In-cab tuner designed by PDD.

APPS - Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor: used on ISB diesel for electronic throttle control

ASD - Auto Shut Down: relay control system used to shut down engine

AWD - All Wheel Drive.

BDC - Bottom dead center - the lowest position of a piston in the cylinder occurs when the crank pin is at bottom dead center

BE - model designation for the Quad Cab Ram pickup

BFSC - Brake Specific Fuel Consumption - pounds of diesel fuel consumed to produce 1 HP for 1 hour

BHAF Big Honkin' Air Filter - oversized filter used by the diesel gang

BR - model designation for standard cab Ram pickup (and maybe the CC Pickup) more below

BW - Borg Warner: Brand of Turbocharger.

CAB - Controller Anti-lock Brake:

CARB - California Air Rescouces Board: environmental regulatory agency in CA

CCD - Chrysler Collision Detection: data bus system used by the airbag and the anti-lock brake systems

CF - CumminsForum

CHMSL - Center High Mounted Stop Light: 3rd brake light at top of truck cab

CKP - Crank Position Sensor: detects position and speed of engine crankshaft

CMP - Camshaft position sensor: detects position of camshaft

CompD - CompetitionDiesel Forum (

CP3 - Common Rail Injection Pump, 03 and up

CPL - Control Part List: listing of engine parts and timing specifications for a Cummins engine (Ram CPL numbers)

CTD - Cummins turbo diesel - used by many on mail lists and message boards

CTM - Central Timer Module: controls RKE, chime, courtesy lamps, Speed sensitive Intermittent wipers, enhanced accident response, VTSS

DAB - Driver Air Bag module: airbag and firing system mounted in the steering wheel center

DC or D/C = DaimlerChrysler - used on mail lists and message boards

DD1, DD2, DD3 = Diesel Dynamics Stage 1 (2 or 3) injectors

DEE - Order code for the NV5600 6 speed manual transmission

DLC - Data Link Connector: used to interface diagnostic equipment with vehicle electronics

DP - Drive Pressure: The pressure of the exhaust exiting the engine and going into the Turbo's exhaust housing.

DRB - scan tool used to obtain diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) from controller modules

DRB III - new generation scan tool used to obtain diagnostic trouble codes (DTC)

DRW - Dual Rear Wheel

DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Code: Fault code set by control module when sensor data is not as expected

DTT - Diesel Transmission Technologies - aftermarket auto trans upgrade specialist

EBC - 2 RWAL brake system

EBC - 325 four wheel anti-lock brake system

ECM - Engine Control Module: microprocessor based module that controls various engine functions

ECT - Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

EEPROM - Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory: controller reprogrammable memory

EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation: used to reduce combustion temperature and pressure to control Oxides of Nitrogen

EGT - Exhaust Gas Temperature: Important measurement for hard working diesel engines

EMCC - Electronically Modulated Converter Clutch: used for torque converter lockup control in the automatic transmission

ETC - Order code for diesel engine

ETH - 2001 Order code for the High Output diesel engine

ETH/DEE - Slang for the 2001 HO diesel with the NV5600 six speed

ESS - Engine Speed Sensor

EVA - Electronic Vibration Analyzer - used to diagnose chassis, engine, and drivetrain vibrations

EVR - Electronic Voltage Regulator: circuitry in the PCM which controls battery charging and alternator functions

FASS - Aftermarket Fuel Pump

FCA - Fuel Control Accuator: 03+ Common Rail engines

FP - Fuel Pressure

FPCM - Fuel injection Pump Control Module: controls injection pump on 98+ diesel engines

FSS - Fuel Shutoff Solenoid: An electromechanical solenoid used to turn on and off fueling to the engine.

GAWR - Gross Axle Weight Rating: maximum safe load capacity of an axle measured at the ground.

GCW - Gross Combined Weight: total weight of equipped truck, payload, trailer, water, and equipment.

GCWR - Gross Combined Weight Rating: maximum allowable GCW

GVW - Gross Vehicle Weight: total curb weight of the truck and payload.

GVWR - Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: maximum allowable GVW

HCU - Hydraulic Control Unit: modulates the brake pressure for ABS

HX35 - Holset turbocharger used for most 94+ diesel Rams.

HX40 - Holset turbocharger intended for C engines, but used by
some performance enthusiasts on the Ram's B engine

HY35 - Holset turbocharger used on 2000-02 diesel Rams with the automatic transmission

HT60/HT3B/HX60/HX50/HX52/HX55/WH1E, Models of Holset Turbochargers.

HVAC - Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

IAT - Intake Air Temperature Sensor

IAC - Idle Air Control valve: used for emissions control on gasoline engines

IP - "Injection Pump" or "Instrument Panel"

ISB - Interact System B: Cummins designation for the 24 Valve "B" series diesel introduced to the 1998 Ram

JTEC - Jeep, Truck Engine Control: Combined engine and transmission control module

K&N - Aftermarket filter and intake system manufacturer

KDP - Killer dowel pin inside the timing gear case on 94-98 12 valve diesels. If this pin falls out of its blind hole, the repair is expensive. The two preventative repairs are the Washer Tab and Drill Jig/Bolt

LDP - Leak Detection Pump: used in the 4 wheel ABS valve assembly

LED - Light Emitting Diode: semiconductor lamp used for displays and warning lamps

LP - Lift Pump

LSD - limited slip differential

LWB - long wheelbase (or LB, for long box or long bed)

MAP - Maximum Absolute Pressure sensor: used for emission control

MDS(2) - Mopar Diagnostic System: diagnostic computer system for service departments

MIC - Mechanical Instrument Cluster: Instrument cluster controller and display system

MIL - Malfunction Indicator Light: used by engine control system to indicate a problem to the driver

MTV - Manifold Tuning Valve: used to vary the manifold runners for engine performance and emission control

O2S - Oxygen Sensor: measures oxygen content of exhaust stream. Used to modify air to fuel ratio for emission control

OBD - On Board Diagnostics: Ram engine and powertrain self diagnostic system

OBD II - On Board Diagnostics II: enhanced diagnostic system to meet 1997 EPA requirements

P&P - Port and Polished: Refers to porting the cylinder head for increased flow.

P7100 - Fuel injection pump used with 1994 - 1998 Ram 12 valve diesel engines

PAB - Passenger Air Bag module: airbag and firing mechanism on the passenger side

PADS - Passenger Airbag Disarm Switch: Override switch to disable

PAB - when children are riding in front seat

PCI - Programmable Communications Interface

PCM - Powertrain Control Module: microprocessor based module that controls engine and drivetrain functions

PCV - Positive Crankcase Ventilation: vacuum system used to control crankcase (blowby) emissions

PDC - Power Distribution Center: Fuse and relay power distribution center located under the hood.

PEP - Peripheral Expansion Port

PSI - Pounds per Square Inch: pressure measurement

RAM - Random Access Memory: read and write memory used by controllers for data storage

RKE - Remote Keyless Entry: remote operated door lock system

RPM - Revolutions Per Minute: the speed of a turning shaft or rotor

ROM - Read Only Memory: controller "hard" memory that is permanently written - EEPROM may be reprogrammed with appropriate diagnostic tools

RWAL - Rear Wheel Anti Lock brakes:

S200/S300/S400/S500 - Size ranges of Borg Warner brand Turbochargers. Actual sizes referred to as S475 or S362.

SBEC - Single Board Engine Controller

SCI - Serial Communications Interface: Used by the PCM for diagnostics and for communication with other controller modules

SCTM - Seatbelt Timer Control Module: inertia latching seatbelt controller built into Quad Cab Models

SKIM - Sentry Key Imobilizer Module: disables engine start until Secret Key is entered using DRB scan tool !!! Required when a new PCM is installed in a vehicle

SRW - Single Rear Wheel

SWB - (or SB, for short box or short bed)

TCC - Torque Converter Clutch

TCM - Transmission Control Module: May not be used on Ram trucks

TDC - Top Dead Center: the highest position of a piston in the cylinder occurs when the crank pin is at top dead center

TDR - Turbo Diesel Register - club for Ram diesel owners - with a website, magazine, and rallys

TPS - Throttle Position Sensor

TRS - Transmission Range Sensor

TSB - Technical Service Bulletin: repair and technical information bulletins to assist service departments

TST - Diesel engine power enhancement company run by Mark Chapple

VB - Valve body - auto trans

VE - Bosch Distributor type injection pump used on 89-93 Ram diesel engines

VP44 - Bosch electronic fuel injection pump used on 1998+ Ram diesel engines

VIN - Vehicle Identification Number: unique serial number assigned to each vehicle

VSS - Vehicle Speed Sensor/Signal

VTSS - Vehicle Theft Security System: anti theft system with engine disable, alarm, and door lock features

WIF - Water In Fuel sensor: detection system for water in fuel filter on 1994+ diesel engines

WOT - Wide Open Throttle: maximum throttle position
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