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A quick fuel plate question

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I got a 04 f250 with 12v and trying to decide what plate to order, I ground one similar to a 100 but was wondering what y'all think.

Colt big stick cam
7x10.5 inj
Air dog
Cfm intake
60lb springs
16.5 timming
215 pump
Studded and fire ringed
Zf6 6speed with dual disk
Truck is a daily driver style truck that I will use to haul my camper and rock crawler on occasion.

Thanks for help guys
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id say with your set up just take it out or if you don't want to run no plate use a 0.
Did that last week and it gets pretty damn hot lol
How hot is too hot?

I had a 180pump,no plate. Afc mods, 62/65, ddp 90s and it ran beautifully and could haul 10k without get issues. 20* timing as well.

It felt like an easy 400hp. I'm surprised you have egt issues with more air and not a lot more fueling.

I miss how she ran then to be honest... Haven't been able to match it yet.

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I could see 1500 I'm only 16.5 on timing
1500 being too hot is a matter of perspective. It's way too hot to sustain but it is fine for short bursts (30 seconds or less maybe)

As an aside, there is often a good correlation between AFC tuning, RPM and EGTs. Especially RPM and EGTs. Bigger turbos don't like low rpm. I can hit 1200F at 10 or less PSI if I'm below 1700RPM but same for same circumstance except I'll be in a lower gear running 2250RPM and I'll run 850F.

I have noticed for my turbo (similar sized compressor to you) it doesn't cool nice until 2000+RPM.

Also, I would run more timing but that is just me. If it wasn't a 215 pump I would say 19* would be a decent point to try. With a 215, I have no experience. More timing probably since it retards timing at higher rack travel
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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