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Turbo help!!!!!! ASAP

Need help on a question.....I'm lookin at a slightly used 35/40 (12cm wastegated housing) hybrid turbo from an individual, built by City Diesel.
I called City Diesel to ask them some questions and the gent informed me that it would NOT bolt up to my downpipe on my 02 without an "adapter and clamp".........over $100 with shipping. That kinda puts me in the ball park of a new hybrid from City with the price of the used turbo and the adapter parts.
I have an auto with the HY35, I thought that the exhaust elbows were the same on the HX's and the HY's?? Can anyone confirm/deny that??
I have an HX35 that I bought last summer to swap for my HY and a few people told me that it should be a straight swap.
The turbo that I'm lookin at is off of a 96 and will be goin on my 02 (if it'll work).
Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.
I gotta let this guy know one way or another.

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You can take the back of the exhaust housing off and swap them so it will work. What year is the hx that you got? All you have to do is take the 5 or 6 bolts off the back and swap adapters. Hope this helps.
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