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A little advice pleas

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So the truck in my sig the other day starting to have a tick come out of the drivers side on top of the engine. it almost sounds like an air leak but i cant find anything leaking anywhere. so i hooked my smarty up to it and there was a dtc that said cooling fan speed, so i cleared it and it has not come back yet. my mileage has dropped a little bit but not much only like 1 mpg or so. I just changed my fass filter and went with a 2 micron and it almost sounded like the tick got a little bit quieter, so im thinking fuel related. took it to several diesels guys and they all say" never heard that noise out of a cummins but i would have your injectors checked?" So im gonna pull em tomorrow evening. there is a shop round here that will test em for 30 a pc if i pull em. what do yall think? My truck got 132000 an as far as i know they are stock injectors. any help is appreciated.
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Yeah we did that a while back. Another guy had told me it sounded like it could be a bad valve, but i really dont think its thats. any tips on the best way to pull injectors? i have never done it before so kinda curious. i have a buddy who has done it a couple times so hes gonna help but any tips would be great. also if i have a cracked one would i be able to tell myself by chance?
already replaced em but thanks. thats actually what i did when i first got the truck.
Well we getting ready to pull em out cause today hauling my telehandler on my 53' gooseneck the truck had its hands full. it could barely hold 65 and everytime i went up a little hill the egts skyrocketed and the engine temp kept getting hotter so needless to say a 30 min trip ended up taking close to 2 hours cause i didnt want to damage anything so i guess we will see what we find. i will keep yall posted
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