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a/c leakin into the passenger floorboard

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well its getting that time of year again to use the a/c and after running the a/c the other night, i found that its leaking into the floorboard, somes goin out the firewall but most is going in the floorboard. was wondering if i had to take all the dash out to fix this or not? i've tried cleanin out the firewall tube but still nothing, thought maybe a dirt dobbers nest (don't know how to spell that lol) was built up in there but nothing came out, and even blew it out too:banghead:. i didn't know if there was some kind of a gasket between the firewall and the ac box or not. any help?:confused013:
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Check your A/C relay under the hood. Had the same thing happen and the relay was stuck on and freezing the air exchanger.
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