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99 airbag light on help

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On my way home from work my air bag light came on and of multiple times any help what's going on?

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Does your cruise control still work?

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Yes everything works like it should light just comes on randomly

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Will it ever completely stay on?

Have it checked for codes.

Check the airbag fuse to make sure that it is ok.

My first guess would be that your clock spring is starting to go bad. It controls the power to the horn, cruise control etc. I would disconnect the battery, take off the airbag and steering wheel, and look for broken tape in the clock spring. The airbag wire also may just have gotten corroded or loose.
I had this same problem with my truck when I first bought it. If it's not the clock spring I would check the passenger airbag on/off switch next. After that what I did was disconnected the harness off of the module and checked the harness going from the airbag to the module for continuity with an ohm meter. If you do this there are metal tabs that short out all the pins in the connector so the air bag doesn't accidentally go off from static so you would have to move those out of the way first. Also make sure the airbags is completely disconnected from the clock spring and you disconnect the battery and wait 10 min for the system to discharge. Hope this helps
That is usually a weak "Clock Spring" in your steering wheel causing a poor connection to the airbag.
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