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99 3500 dually to single wheel

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Looking at a 99 but it's a dually what do I need to convert it to a single rear wheel obviously the bed anything else?
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My dads 98.5 dually sinks like a rock in mud and snow. He is the keep it stock don't mess with it kinda guy. But We did put my stock 99 2500 wheels with 285/75 tires on it for a month or so.
We need different lugnuts
As for the front, we just took off the adapter spacer things and bolted on the wheels on.
The rear well he has a Dana 80 mine is a 70 so his axle is 4" wider then mine. so the wheels where out past the dually fenders lol.

Here this post should help you.
it would be easier to just swap axles and get the narrower 2500 dana 70 axle. then your tires wont stick out 2" on each side with stock tires 245.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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