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98 dodge 12v

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I am looking at a 98 QC 12V Auto 3500 4x4 dually. I am not familar with the 12v's... what are the following mods.... 0Plate, housing and star wheel tweaks, and New Era 370's... What are those things??
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check to see if he tabbed the KIller Dowel Pin (KDP) or pulled it out. See what up grades are done to the tranny. If the tranny is stock it wont last long with those mods. See if its built up any. That would be good
The tranny will have a brand a new triple disk convertor put in it... but other then that not much done to the tranny, once it goes out I will probally put a 5 speed in it... whats the
Killer Dowel Pin?? does any one have a picture of the 0 fuel plate compared to the stock?? do they have problems with the fueling system like the 24 valves?? Thanks for the help
also how many miles can you put on the 12v and their trannys with out having to much trouble
what about 202k miles?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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