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98 dodge 12v

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I am looking at a 98 QC 12V Auto 3500 4x4 dually. I am not familar with the 12v's... what are the following mods.... 0Plate, housing and star wheel tweaks, and New Era 370's... What are those things??
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Fuel plate- 0 = lots of full load/throttle fuel!
AFC housing and starwheel tweaks = more preboost fuel (faster spoolup)
New era 370s = 370hp injectors (new era brand of course)

Sounds like a fairly stout truck... Should be a decent rig to rip around in
412,000km on mine and runs like a top!

If you take car of them its not rare to see them go over a million miles and like said above, the truck will fall apart before the engine!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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