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98.5 Crank but no start

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Recently purchased a 98.5 24v for cheap. Previous owner said it needed an injection pump. After putting a new injection pump and lift pump on it still doesn’t start. Bleed the fuel system till fuel was coming out of all injector lines. Checked for codes and there are no codes. After still not starting tried Starting truck with either(I know it’s not good on them but wanted to see if it would run). It did start and run off of either but immediately died after we stopped spraying either. Checked the oil and found a good amount of diesel in the oil. Does this mean injectors are leaking and we need to replace them?
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There's a fitting with a schrader valve down between your vp and the filter. Easiest for a quick check while doing the starter bump. Later you'll be wanting one in the cab so you can monitor it. Google it for the install. Geno's has the fittings. Where is this "new lift pump" located? Can you hear it running? What brand? Battery terminals should be re-done if they're even doubtful. All grounds need to be in good condition, very important. Have you visited Blue Chip Diesel to do the vp hotwire?
Eventually you'll want to re-locate the pump off the block. Your choice on which way to go with that. For the time being make sure you've got pressure 10+ to your vp, or risk damaging it.
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