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98.5 Crank but no start

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Recently purchased a 98.5 24v for cheap. Previous owner said it needed an injection pump. After putting a new injection pump and lift pump on it still doesn’t start. Bleed the fuel system till fuel was coming out of all injector lines. Checked for codes and there are no codes. After still not starting tried Starting truck with either(I know it’s not good on them but wanted to see if it would run). It did start and run off of either but immediately died after we stopped spraying either. Checked the oil and found a good amount of diesel in the oil. Does this mean injectors are leaking and we need to replace them?
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Welcome. Maybe injectors or crossover tubes. Need more info. Tell us about truck in signatiure, eveything, Year, model, 4x4? trani, mods, miles, other reparis?
Did you bleed to spray out around fittings when cranking?
Does tach move during cranking to about 200?
Does wait to start light cone on for at least a second every time you turn the key to ON?
Are you pulling codes with a scan tool?
First Charge batteries to full charge before more work other than rebleeding..Crack 1.3,4 and crank in 10 second intervals and 3-60 seocnd rest breaks on starter. Do at leasst 10 sets. Look for spray, not dribble.
Where did you buy the injection pump?

Ps I will be off line this afternoon. Answer above and rebleed and charge and get back.
Sounds like everything (almost) is as it should be. If you have true spray from injector fittings(not dribble) at the head, and they are now closed, and everything else is as you say it should start. I suspect that the 5+year old batteries are not quite up to snuff and not cranking fast enough to start. Disconnect each oneand read voltage. They should be both 12.6v+ and equal and hold it overnight. Maybe charge them some more and jump with another diesel. Have you checked lift pump pressure or good spray at the injection pump when bumping the starter?
Are all battery terminals perfect?
On 98.5 there is a 1/8 in port on top ofthe fuel filter you can screw a gauge or hose to one into. Then bump the starter.
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