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98.5 Crank but no start

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Recently purchased a 98.5 24v for cheap. Previous owner said it needed an injection pump. After putting a new injection pump and lift pump on it still doesn’t start. Bleed the fuel system till fuel was coming out of all injector lines. Checked for codes and there are no codes. After still not starting tried Starting truck with either(I know it’s not good on them but wanted to see if it would run). It did start and run off of either but immediately died after we stopped spraying either. Checked the oil and found a good amount of diesel in the oil. Does this mean injectors are leaking and we need to replace them?
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Truck is a 1998.5 2500 automatic 4x4 truck is completely stock and has 163,000 miles. It was sitting in a field for about 5 years. We charged batteries fully and then bled till fuel was spraying out of all fittings. Tach moves to 200 when cranking. Wait to start light comes on. Yes we pulled codes with a scanner and there were no codes and there is no check engine light. I did buy the injection pump off of Facebook marketplace but it came off of a running and driving truck. The guy I bought it from decided to go to a ppump instead of a vp pump. We will keep trying to rebleed
Battery terminals are a little rough. It currently has 1 year old batteries that I took out of a running truck. I will try charging them overnight on a trickle charger and then i will hook a truck up to it as well to help. I have not checked lift pump pressure but it is a new lift pump. How do you go about checking lift pump pressure?
The battery terminals are gonna be replaced on Monday when the part store opens. I plan on getting a quadzilla with i quad to be able to monitor that stuff but kinda want to get it runnin first ya know. I’ll check lift pump pressure. The new pump is still on the side of the block. It’s a pump we got off of a running truck. I can hear it running yes
Yeah once it’s running I’m going to get a FASS frame mounted lift pump but right now I’m just trying to get it running. Fancy parts like that will come a little later. Unless it needs them right now
Alright I am currently out of the state so can’t work on it at the moment. When I get back I’ll have a fuel pressure gauge waiting so I can check pressure from the lift pump. I had a set of new injectors and crossover tubes just sitting around so went ahead and put those in and still no starting by just cranking
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