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98.5-00 Edge comp box?

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Hey all, I have a 98.5-00 comp box that isnt working properly on my 2001 because of the voltage differences between the MAP sensors. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to make it work properly, or is there anybody that needs to trade 01-02? My wiring harness is modified to fit an 01, I still have the plugs for the 98.5-00 configuration. Thanks in advance for the help.
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I've heard of people swapping sensors out to make them compatible. Don't know much about the specifics though.

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right on, thank you, I will have to do a little more research.
Let me know if you feel like getting rid of that comp box.

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Swapping sesnors won't work. The ecu won't see the right values if you do that

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good to know, thanks for the heads up, nice to see another CO Cummins on here.
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