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98 2500 bumper build

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hey guys been workin on a bumper for my rig.. let me know what you think
Still gotta trim the fender tube and cut out my skid plate, but i will keep the pics updated..


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thats some nice fab work. I need a rear bumper I wish you were close to
where you at?
looking good! It could just be in the pics but it looks like you put a slight bend in the passenger side angled bar and the drivers is just straight. I like the looks of the pass one but either way its looking good.
Thats gonna look sick!!! you getting it powder coated and what color?
i love the look of the bumper. it's almost exactly like the one i want built for my truck. what size tubing are you using? how is it going to be mounted? Do you think you spaced it far enough from the frame to put in a winch? Are you going to put a "push bar" to the top of the bumper? Most of all where you located? Keep me updated with lots of pictures
Thanks guys for all of the comments! i will post some more pics tomorrow evening or so with the finished bumper!!!
Im located in northern California BTW.
Very wicked. Nice lines.
what kinda lights? Look dom bright!!
alright guys, well i fail at posting updated pics but here are some completed pics of the bumper finally:D..also you can see the custom hiemed steering i built a few days ago aswell:), no more lack of control on the road!

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Nice work. :thumbsup:
looks nice bud!
Looks very good quality!! I like it.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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