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98 12v, full fuel tank but low fuel light is on

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And it's hard to start and if it runs, engine will shutdown randomly. Please help, thank you!
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Found a fuel leak on top of the engine. Hopefully that's it.
That was not it. Could it be my in tank fuel pump?
Can the fuel shutoff solenoid cause this?
If the fuel shut off hold circuit is not working the truck will fire up very shortly and die. I'd remove the shut off relay and use a zip tie to hold the lever up, that way its one less thing to worry about when tracking the problem. I would hook up a fuel pressure gauge at the injection pump, check for lines that leak with the truck off. Lines from tank to lift pump are under vacuum and will not leak if its running. Check the fuel filter and prefilter for clogs if your still getting no fuel pressure that would point to the lift pump in my book

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts