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97 Ram Air conditioner water leak

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I have a 97 ram that is leaking water in the floor board when the air conditioner is operating. I have checked the drain tube near the fire wall and it appears to unclogged. Is there another place I should look to stop the water from coming in the cab? Any other suggestions on what I should do? I appreciate any advice.


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I have the same dang problem and i can't figure out what is wrong.
i have seen this A MILLION times at work. the drain for the evaorator core is plugged. the right way to fix it is to remove it and clean it..... which means the dash comes out or you can drill a hole directly behind the drain hole and blow out the crap with shop air and the get a plug the same size as the hole you drilled and GLUE it back in. after all that you may want t o make some sort of filter so this does not keep happening. like a screen over the inlet to the HVAC
my dad has the same probelm
the drain probably isnt plugged. where it come out of the firewall they sometimes point uphill just a little bit. its just enough that the water drains and runs right back down the drain and back in the cab. ive fixed them but putting a dab of silicone on the bottom of the drain for the water to drip off of or just silicone all the way around the drain and firewall so its completely sealed. i dont see any need to pull the dash or drill any holes as this has fixed every truck ive seen it on
i haven't looked at his yet but he asked me about it and i said i could try to find something out could you put a hose on the drain and just let it drain out of the hose?
i put a hose on it and the floor has dryed up so problem sloved
The 5/8 preformed elbow that NAPA sells as the replacement for the heater hose connection from the pipe to the head is a perfect fit. About $6. I sealed mine with some clear RTV.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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