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97 2500 12 valve

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Hey all, buddy of mine is looking at maybe buying a 97, 2500, extended-cab long bed, auto, 106k on the odometer, perfect interior. Overall clean truck, guy is asking $12,900 for it. What can you guys tell me to have him look for when he goes to look at it as far as items that would give him problems or would shy him away from buying the truck? thanks in advance! :beer
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fuel lift pump pressure, injector pump, trans, blow by, front end(track bar, etc)
I got mine last year & I only paid $8300 & that was with tax title & plates !! I had the parking lot dings taken out & repainted the truck , but I just wanted to do that so the truck looked like new . No problems with the truck @ all I am real happy with it :thumbsup
106k is really good. if the overall look of the truck is good than i would go for it. i got mine from a old man that took care of it and its been running good .
You don't need to worry about lift pump pressure on a 12 valve, it'll either run or it won't, and the P7100 is nearly bulletproof.
Check to see if the "breakoff" bolt is still in the AFC housing. If it is, it has not been modded.
Ask about the KDP Ram Diesel KDP retainer, to see if the owner has had it tabbed. If not check around the timing gear case for a bad oil leak. If OK. tab it ASAP!
Ask about tranns service, has the fluid been changed at least every other year?
Price seems a bit high for an 11 year old truck, but if all seems above average it could be worth it.
RUST...KDP will have to be done... Most likey the owner will say yea the KDP was done just to make the sell.. The only safe way on that is to do it again.

Front end.. Check the ball joints.. Most likely they are shot...
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