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Ok I have 2 questions please!
1) I have a 2wd 1995 Reg cab dually. Since this is the first truck I have had without 4x4 I want the best tires in the rear for traction I can get. I just bought the truck and it has Firestone HT's transforce I think on it now in one size bigger than stock 235/85/16. Now that I think of it shoud I go back to the stock tire size? Anyway...I am just thinking if I get to a campground (BTW I have a 3k lb truck camper) if I get in some mud what tire would do best.

2) I was thinking of getting a front mount hitch so I can carry more gear and I see that they are rated at 500 lbs. I was wondering how my stock front end would handle that extra weight or would I need some support? Any and all replies will be welcomed!

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