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94 3500 questions

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I have a stock 5.9 in my 94 3500 and was wondering what I can do to increase my horsepower without spending a ton of money.
Also looking at having an engine break installed, curious how much that should cost.
The truck is getting harder to keep up with rust but the engine only has 130k and runs well so I'm hanging on with it, however, I feel I need to be careful how much $ I invest.
What is your opinions about keeping these older trucks road worthy.
I pull a 15k gooseneck for 12 hr road trips several times in a year.

Thanks for your opinions.
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5 speed standard
Thanks I ckecked out the link you provided.

I did have a patch welded on the frame in the area you're talking about, just where the frame bends over the axle where the springs connect- the frame is pretty thin.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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