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94 3500 questions

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I have a stock 5.9 in my 94 3500 and was wondering what I can do to increase my horsepower without spending a ton of money.
Also looking at having an engine break installed, curious how much that should cost.
The truck is getting harder to keep up with rust but the engine only has 130k and runs well so I'm hanging on with it, however, I feel I need to be careful how much $ I invest.
What is your opinions about keeping these older trucks road worthy.
I pull a 15k gooseneck for 12 hr road trips several times in a year.

Thanks for your opinions.
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Do you have an automatic or a 5 speed transmission?
Click on this link and read, read, and read some more.

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The first thing is you will want to buy a pyrometer. Once you increase fueling to get more power you can create excessively hot Exhaust Gas Temperatures. Once you go above 1,200 degrees pre-turbo you risk melting your pistons.

A boost gauge is also a good idea to buy. You do not want to push your stock turbo past 35 PSI. Above that level the turbo could grenade. Besides, the lower your boost the better your MPG will be.

For quick cheap power increase you can simply slide your fuel plate forward. The cost is removing a headless bolt and replacing it with a bolt with a head.

Now you will likely have a problem. The stock clutch is rated for stock power. Adding extra power can see the clutch slip especially in 5th gear giving full throttle. That means you will want to buy an upgraded clutch at some point. Further, at some hp level you also need to change the input shaft in the 5 speed to a larger diameter version.

As far as rust is concerned pay attention to the frame behind the fuel tank and where it jumps up to clear the rear axle. These 2 spots are huge for collecting rust. Stay on top of these areas and remove all rust. Use a good paint to protect your frame. The cab, bed, and nose are easily replaced from a clean 1/2 ton donor. The frame however is important to keep rust free.

Read this. I do not suggest removing the fuel plate. 96hp for free.
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