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93 W250 Instrument cluster light out

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I bought this truck a while back and the instrument cluster light is out. I checked the fuses but they appear to be ok.
Any ideas on it? Does it have a bulb and if so, is it hard to get to?
Anyone here have this kind of problem?
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First thing to check is the condition of the bulbs themselves. When I first got my truck, the old bulbs were so smoked up from being ancient and hot, that I was convinced the gauge lights didn't work at all. Converting to LEDs solved that problem.

If the bulbs are good, then the headlamp switch is the next culprit. When you replace the headlamp switch, convert the headlamps to run on relays as mentioned above to keep the switch from burning up again.
I tested the fuse and it showed the voltage to the fuse varied from a low of 8.0 volts to a high of 12.5 at top setting, so, swith appears to be sending voltage. Guess it is the bulbs... will try to figure out where they are.
The bulbs are back behind the cluster. If you search around for the tutorial on swapping LEDs into the cluster, you'll find how to get the cluster out. It's really straightforward.

Once you get back behind the cluster, another thing to check is that the bulbs are getting a decent ground.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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