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93 W250 Instrument cluster light out

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I bought this truck a while back and the instrument cluster light is out. I checked the fuses but they appear to be ok.
Any ideas on it? Does it have a bulb and if so, is it hard to get to?
Anyone here have this kind of problem?
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Usually there are about 5-7 bulbs in the back of the cluster. one for the brights, 2 for the turn signals and then some for the dash lights. I haven't tried it but most older vehicles you could reach up there and feel around and find them. Most you turn counter clockwise to remove the bulb holder.
If you have no voltage at the fuse for the dash lights then it is probably the headlight switch, everyone has replaced there's at least 1 time. If you buy or even don't get a new switch you should put your headlights on a relay. Makes the lights brighter and switches last longer.

If you need help putting them on relays use the google box at the top left and google ( headlights on relays ) alot of info there.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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