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93 grill on 90 truck???

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Any mods needed or is it a direct replacement?
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Any mods needed or is it a direct replacement?
the 93 grill is larger so i would say no it wouldnt directly fit. you would have to mod it a little.
core support is different.
not a bolt on fit for sure.
yea i dunno about the core support but i put fenders and a hood from a 90 ctd on my 92 and my grill still fit no problem?
It will probably fit (maybe with a little modification) But it's uglier than the 90! Sticking out there like a fat gut. (are you putting in an aftercoller and need the clearance?)
core support

the core support is def. different. the 91.5-93 core supports puts the head lights higher up on the grille than the 90 grill. if you're gonna do that than you need the core support, and a couple other parts because it sets the radiator farther back toward the motor. i always wondered about that too till i had my 90 beside a 91.5 and you can tell a big difference
But, as has been said, the early grill is way prettier and meaner looking... And totally more aerodynamic. It's like a tapered brick with slots in it, as opposed to a square brick with slots in it.
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