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93 4 spd od trans tcc lockup switch?

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hey everybody im new here and new to havin a cummins, ive had some idi turbos but never a DIT. i noticed that when im goin down the highway at 65 it seems like my truck is screemin, it seems like the tc isnt locking in to overdrive but the trans shifts into o/d, i was wondering how i can make a switch for this? its got a new trans and tc, they guy i bought it from did it but im not sure what model trans it is, any thoughts will be appreciated thanks!!
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I don't believe the 518's have a lock up converter only the 94 n up truck's
so is it normal for it to seem like its revin high when im goin 65-70 down the highway? i never knew there were od trans w/o lockup. it just seems like if i were to drive this back home(new york) from ohio id go through 200 gallons of fuel
Hate to burst your bubble, but unless you install a 47rh which is out of a 94-95. You wont have a lock up converter. You could upgrade your stock converter, that would help out a lot. But, Still won't lock up. suprisingly, with the crappy converter they still get good mileage
I'd be willing to bet you have 4.10 gears. My truck with 3.54's can cruise very comfortably at 65mph (although I never drive that fast, 55mph is about as fast as I go.) My brothers '97 with 4.10's was the same way as your is, but he had a 5spd.
well the sticker under the hood says its got 3.55 rear end
A lot of modifications can happen in 17 odd years, it could have a different rear end for example, the d70 was not known for its longevity.

These beasties are seriously lacking in the sound insulation department, and I found numerous ungrommeted holes in the firewall. I've got a new, unmolested exhaust system, its still pretty loud, but it does not 'scream', it drones.
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