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86 chevy 2wd

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I'm building my 86 chevy 2wd into a cummins powered daily driver. I'm in the process of making it a shortbed and doing the body work. The motor is out of my 94 2500. Let me know what you guys think or if anyone has pics of this swap so I can get some ideas of how to do the mounts.
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how much lower does the front end sit with that beast in there?

Looks like a very well done and clean swap. Love the way you dealt with the heater box, genius

why did you convert to a short box though? and you putting some thing else back into your 94?
that thing looks clean to me! Good work!
beins that the truck is a 3/4 ton is only squatted the front about 2 inches. I've already lowered the back 4" with shackles and hanger brackets, but i think i'm gonna have to take out the overload spring to get it to set level. the heater box was kind of an accident because i broke it when I was trying to swing the motor in there by myself, but i think it worked out better because it won't melt now, and who needs air conditioning right? I made it a shortbed because i've never seen a 3/4 ton shortbed especially with a cummins in it. the only thing I put back in to my dodge was a bunch of scrap metal before i took it to the crusher. It was pretty rough and the only reason i bought it was for the motor and tranny anyways.

thanks for the comments i'll get more pics up soon
doin nice work:thumbsup:
nice job caleb. it looks clean in the front. looks like when you are done it will look factory :thumbsup:
Dont you live in Riverside? i seen your dodge on craigs list
yeah that's me. only sold the seat, steering wheel, and steering box. no one wanted anything else so it went to the scrapper.
lookin good man. nice work
Will a fan fit or are you going electric?

I see you convinced the fire wall a bit, how much room did you have prior and now?
I don't think there is quite enough room for a mechanical fan but I was planning on getting 2 electric fans anyways.
yeah I massaged the firewall so there would be clearance around the bellhousing, and exhaust. The motor didn't hit, but I wanted to make sure there was plenty of room for it to move around.
Damn dude you got some talent!

Clean swap!
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