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8.3L cummins or DT466 for F750 repower?

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I've got an 03 F750 and would like to do a repower.

It has a 24v cummins 5.9 right now.

Anyone have experience with the 8.3L and the DT466?

Is the 8.3 a wet sleeve? I know the 466 is.

I'm considering only mechanical engines.
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I'm currently getting ready to try and put an 2012 8.3 into an 05 F750 that had an 5.9 in it. Asking to see if anyone followed up on doing this swap or not. Picking up the 8.3 motor this weekend hopefully. Get the f750 back in the shop towards the end of the month. The 8.3 has an 8LL already attached. Looking to swap out to non variable turbo and do a full delete on the emissions bs. And have a programmer on it. Going to be fun getting all the wiring working.
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