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8.3L cummins or DT466 for F750 repower?

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I've got an 03 F750 and would like to do a repower.

It has a 24v cummins 5.9 right now.

Anyone have experience with the 8.3L and the DT466?

Is the 8.3 a wet sleeve? I know the 466 is.

I'm considering only mechanical engines.
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The 5.9 I have now is a pooch. It's electronic and not too many options to turn it up.

If I repower with an 8.3 or dt466 would that be a step up?

Can they be modded to put out some respectable power?

I think I am limited to these two motors because of space......If someone knows of another option that will fit I am open to any mechanical engine that will fit.

I'll probably be adding a 10 speed eaton too.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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