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75over internals in stock injectors?

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I have a 01 2500 and it’s time for new injectors because one has a cracked tip. I’ve been wanting to get bigger injectors to be able to get a little more power out of my motor. A buddy told me that I could just take my stock injectors and put a 75over rebuild kit into them and everything would fit fine. I’m just looking to see if anyone has any input on this or even know if it’s possible to do before I take them out and try to rebuild them.
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There is no body work done at that HP level. You can install just nozzles, but you will not have matched pop off so timing will essentially vary between cylinders.

We use computer controlled machines to pop test our injectors. They are hand assembled and our nozzles are EDM then Honed then flow matched. Injectors over 125HP usually have extra needle work/ tip mods done to increase responsiveness and flow.

Happy to answer any questions for you.
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