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7.3l ghetto exhaust options?

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we have a 99 7.3l and have it hopped up a bit. this is our lease/work truck and doesn't get on the road. well we have thought about chopping the exhaust off and running just 3.5" straight pipe. would i benefit from just dumping the muffler? or is the cat a big restriction too? right now the truck has a custom 6 pos. 140hp tune and intake but we run it on the 80hp tune as it feels like it makes the best power. is the cat on these trucks a big restriction?
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Chop it in front of the cat add alittle straight pipe and then just use the factor tail pipe to exit in front of the rear tire fab up some hangers done and done...that is if you're looking for ghetto and cheap/free.
If it is a leased vehicle, modifying the emissions equipment might violate your lease agreement.

But those cats rob flow, rip it off
I BELIEVE, but I'm not sure that he meant like Deer Lease or oil well lease...I would take the CAT off they do rob alot of flow and hollowing them out is a PIA so yeah cut it off
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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