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Im looking to Swap Transmissions I dont want to deal with the 68's issues so looking to swap a 48re in. Ive had good luck with 48's in a couple different trucks and seem to hold together great for what I and other people have put them through. I have done a lot of reading and called around some but I haven't herd if anybody has got the dash to display the gear your in (PRND) and if can tie the stand alone controller into the tap buttons on shift lever, ideally to change gears but to toggle into tow haul or have two different trans tunes loaded thinking a full lockup one and a street tune. Also is any 1 controller better then the others? Planning on complete Firepunk setup so far. Thanks.. Try to be nice its my first post but not new to diesels..

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2012 2500 CCSB 3" Carli Lift Piggy Back Shocks, 35" tires, s467 on 2nd gen ATS pulse flow, 150hp GDP injectors, 85% over CP3, ARP 625 Studs Lift pump with big lines, 5" exhaust with Donaldson muffler, RevMax 850 Trans
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