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68rfe problems, please help!

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Hey guys I have an 07 3500 with 168k on it, deleted, smarty Jr, arp head studs, h&s intake horn and afe cold air intake. I am experiencing issues with the transmission which was said to be replaced by previous owner and should now have around 50k on it. It was pulled from a crashed 2010 2500 that had 35k on it. Iv put roughly 15k on it and the trans has always felt great.

I recently posted on here for advice as I was rebuilding the head when the gasket started to go. I completed that overhaul and soon after I replaced both batteries. I began driving the truck very gently to break in the new head. Over the course of a week and 1000 miles of driving really gently and enjoying the mpgs, I started to get on it.

I noticed a long flare from 4th to 5th while aggressive on the throttle, but because I was working sun up til sun down for 2 weeks straight I continued driving the truck gently for a few more days until I had time to take it into aamco. On my way to aamco it started to shift late in lower gears and had a strange feel all around.

Aamco dropped the pan and showed me accumulation of small metal bits in the fluid, they also informed me the magnet was missing from the pan. They said they pulled a code relating to slippage in 6th gear if I remember correctly. And of course they recommended a complete overhaul.

I drove it 1 mile back to my house and parked it and left town. Since then I have been reading up about these transmissions and looking into a built trans from suncoast.

I always had the feeling that the head gasket work and the trans acting up were somehow linked, I told aamco this also and informed them of the work done prior.

I think when I had the batteries disconnected for so long while I repaired the head, the transmission programming was lost. I think the transmission just needed to be relearned and would have been fine. I return home tomorrow and id like some advice of how to proceed from here. Should I touch the positive lead to the neg and try to reset the computer? Take to a shop and pay them to program? Do you think I damaged the trans by driving it this way? I would really appreciated some guidance. Thanks in advance!
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I don't think having the battery disconnected would have caused your problems. Doing a battery disconnect should not affect the transmission clutch volumes, etc.

If the pan magnet was missing, then someone had been into that trans before. By the way, some small metal flakes in the pan (like a sprinkling of glitter) is normal. If you find larger chunks / pieces of metal, or there is a PILE of glitter (sludge) in the pan, then you have problems. You can probably get by with having someone tear the trans down, and just replace any clutch packs that are burned / distressed.
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