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68rfe problems...P0869 code

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Hi all...I had posted earlier this year about possible converter drainback problems I had with about 3K miles on the clock (surging through the brakes in reverse after startup). Anyways, the possible converter drainback problem has been intermittent, and in the last couple weeks I have been having some new issues. My truck has grinded into 1st gear when coming to a stop (intermittent problem), and also skips from 1-3rd gear from a stop (also intermittent). Today my truck threw a P0869 code (using the on-off key procedure). I believe this is a "governor pressure sensor volts too low"? Took the truck to Autozone and code read "incorrect 2nd gear ratio". Just trying to add all this up before going taking the truck to the has already been there once with no fix on the possible drainback issue. Any experience with this would be a help...missing my NV5600 already:(
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Great you think it would still be useful to pull an oil sample before going to the dealer? I just want to cover all the bases here...the truck only has 6K miles on the clock, no boxes, etc.
Trans. technician is out at the dealership until 3-26...will keep an update on this one
Truck just went into dealer Monday night. Unfortunately I got hit by a drunk driver 2 weeks ago the truck is now at the dealer for bumper / intercooler repair, as well as the tranny problem
Well just got the truck back from the dealer tonight. It was 15 minutes before closing and no one (of any knowledge) was around the Service Dept. to discuss the situation. Anyways what I do know from the service report... "Pump pressure low, R&R Transmission, replaced TC and Pump. Also cleaned Valve Body and Replaced filter" So I would like to call and talk to the Service Manager to find out a little more about why the Pump and TC were replaced. Hopefully I will get some answers. On a good note, the truck is shifting much better than before, firmer shifts with no 1-4 skipping
Yeah sure does look similar...the only thing that was missing from my parts list was the 5179267AC FILTERPKG. I am not sure why they wouldn't have put new filters in. I may do the oil analysis in a little while to see how it looks. Anyways, I am disgusted to say the least that a 7-month old truck with 6K miles has these kinds of problems. I am really considering going to a G56 now
The dealer said there were a few codes stored in the computer...he did not name what they were, but that is where the they got the "low line pressure" code.

There was metal in the pan, and they were not sure what caused the low line pressure. I am guessing it was similar to something that happened in EVRE's case. I am just concerned now with whatever junk was in the bottom of the do I know that there is not any damage from the metal floating around in the transmission, or anything left that will cause damage in the future?

It is really tough to get good answers from dealers / service managers around here. Unfortunately we are in a pretty rural area, and the service really suffers around here. Asking questions pretty much gets you an "I don't care" attitude...sad, but that's the way it has been at more than one dealer around here
1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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