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68rfe issue when shifting

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I had my '07.5 2500 MCSB worked on recently with the full deletes, 5' tbe, anarchy efi live installed. I use the street mode on the efi. The issue I have is when i'm WOT the tranny seems to derate when it shifts. I was thinking that this might be normal as it would do this to save itself while shifting. I had a '07 5.9 that I bought brand new and it didn't do this, just ripped through the gears smoothly.Is there something with the 68 rfe that lets the power off right at shifting or is there something else amiss with it? Side note the efi is awesome and the truck had 68,000 when work was done. Bought it used with 64,000 on it. It towed 5th wheel before i got it. I don't tow but once and a while will get on it.

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Yes, it is normal for the 68RFE to torque manage the engine (request a reduction in torque) during the last half of power-on upshifts. So that behavior is not unexpected, although it should be very brief (like half a second).
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